Highly Cited Researchers

Highly Cited Researchers 2016 represents some of world’s most influential scientific minds.

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First name ASC Last name NOSORT Category NOSORT Primary Affiliation NOSORT Secondary Affiliations NOSORT
A Reimer Space Science Univ Innsbruck, Austria
A Harvey Millar Plant & Animal Science Univ Western Australia, Australia
A John Rush Psychiatry/Psychology Univ Texas SW Med Ctr Dallas, USA
A John Camm Clinical Medicine St Georges Univ London, UK
A Keith Dunker Biology & Biochemistry Indiana Univ, USA
A Michael Lincoff Clinical Medicine Cleveland Clin Fdn, USA
A Paul Alivisatos Physics Univ Calif Berkeley, USA Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab, USA
A Paul Alivisatos Chemistry Univ Calif Berkeley, USA Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab, USA
A Stephen K Hashmi Chemistry Ruprecht Karl Univ Heidelberg, Germany King Abdulaziz Univ, Saudi Arabia
A Townsend Peterson Environment/Ecology Univ Kansas, USA


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